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#1: 25 lb. Burger Bonanza

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Order From Willow Creek Ranch

Pasture Pure, Grass Fed, Free Range Beef, Pork and Poultry Products from Willow Creek Ranch
All animals are fed out and processed to order to ensure you get the freshest meat possible. A $200.00 deposit is required to reserve a 1/2 steer or more.

All of our meat is range fed on our family farm. We not only work here, we live here. We use no steroids or chemicals that may be harmful to you or the environment. What you receive is 100% natural beef, direct from the farm where it was raised. No middle man, no long distance trucking, no filthy mass stockyards. Buy the meat you feed to your family from a source you can trust!

All of our beef is aged 7 to 10 days for flavor and texture.

Size of your order may vary depending on the size of the animal and final hanging weight.

Remember, you are buying direct from the farm and final weights will vary from carcass to carcass. Our price is based on the pre-processing weight (called hanging or rail weight). The final weight you will receive in meat (called table ready weight) will be less than the rail weight due to trimming of fat, deboning and loss of moisture.

Click Here For A Chart Of Beef Cuts


Beef Pricing

Estimated Yield

An average beef steer carcass weighs approximately 550-650 lbs on the rail. A ½ beef is approximately 275-325 lbs.

The approximate cuts from a 1/2 steer are as follows:

* Arm Roast - 18 lbs.
* Chuck (roast, steak or ground) - 50 lbs.
* Short Ribs - 15 lbs.
* Loin (ribeyes, roast) - 30 lbs.
* Sirloin (T-bones, strips, tenderloin) - 45 lbs.
* Round (roasts, round steak) - 65 lbs.
* Ground Beef (23 tubes, 90% lean) - 90 lbs.
* Total: 216 lbs app.. Table ready beef from 1/2 beef.

All orders contain the appropriate mix (according to weight) of the following cuts. Specific selections may very according to your specification:
Rib Steak, Round Steak, T-Bone/Porterhouse Steak, Hamburger 
Sirloin Steak, Beef Roast, Arm Roast, Rib Roast,
 Soup Bones, Short Ribs.

If you order less than a half beef, you will be given the standard default choices defined below.

Beef Cut and Packaging Choices

Steaks Per Pack
1,3 or 4
Steak Thickness
1/2", 1", 1 1/4"
Roast Size
3 lbs.
1, 2, or 4 lbs.
Soup Bones
Debone to Hamburger
Take As-Is
Short Ribs
Debone to Hamburger
Take As-Is
Boiling Beef
Debone to Hamburger
Take As-Is, Boneless Brisket
Round Steak
Grind To Hamburger
Take-As-Is, Tenderize to Cube Steak
Hamburger Pack Size
1 lbs.
1, 1 1/2, 2 lbs.
(Tongue, Heart, Liver)
Rib Steak, Bone-In
Rib Eye (Boneless)



#1 Willow Creek Ranch Burger Bonanza
(25 lbs. of all natural Black Angus 90% lean hamburger at $5.99 per pound)
Perfect for those who enjoy quick meat for burgers, chili, hotdish, meatloaf, and more.

#2 Willow Creek Ranch "Mix It Up" Variety Pack
(25 lbs. of mixed cuts all natural steaks, roast and hamburger at $6.99 per pound)
Perfect for those who want the variety of a 1/4 but are limited on space.

#3 Willow Creek Ranch "Double Down" Deal
(50 lb. versions of #1 and #2 and save 5%. Buy more... save more!)

#4 Willow Creek Ranch "Rancher's Ration" Pack
(1/2 steer or approximately 300 - 400 lbs. at $4.49 per pound hanging weight)
*Best Value* Save $$$$$

#5 Willow Creek Ranch "Wholey Cow" Deal
(Whole steer at $4.29 per pound hanging weight). *Best Value* Save $$$$$

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Pork Pricing

The minimum order for pork is a whole hog and a lead time of 5 weeks is required due to additional time required for smoking or curing.

A whole hog is priced at $4.29/lb hanging weight. Price includes smoking and processing.

Pork Cut and Packaging Choices

All Willow Creek Meat products are processed especially for you. The meat is cut to best suit your needs and cooking preferences. The meat is then labeled with your name on it, as well as the processing date and the type of cut in the package.

Pork Chops or Loin
Chops or Loin
Loin or Mix
Chops Per Pack
3, 4
Roast Size
3 lbs.
2, or 4 lbs.
Steaks or Sausage
Side Pork
Smoked / Cured
Ham Cuts
Whole or Steaks
Ground Pork
Seasoned Sausage
Links, Brats or Ground
(Burger is in 1 lb tubes, Links are 12/Pack; Brats are 6/Pack
Take, Render or Ground Out


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Egg Pricing

Farm Fresh Eggs: $4.00 Per Dozen

If you've never eaten an egg fresh off the farm, wou will be astonished by the difference. From the minute you crack the shell and the brilliant colors shine from the center, to the amazing robust and complex taste experience, you will have a hard time buying at the store ever again.

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Shipping and Self-Pickup Discounts

Free Delivery To Your Freezer Within 20 Miles Of the 54623 Zip Code.

Just $1.00 per mile for deliveries beyond the 54623 Zip Code

Self Pickup Discount

Save even more money when you pick up your product at our processor. Save $25.00 for a 1/2, and $50.00 for a whole steer.


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