The Willow Creek Philosophy Of Natural, Grass Fed Beef, Poultry and Pork

Find out more about Willow Creek Ranch FoorsWillow Creek Ranch is firmly committed to the most humane treatment of livestock, and providing the most nutritious beef, pork and poultry products possible. For these reasons, and many others, we are also committed to being "Pasture-Pure", allowing the cycle of nature to enrich our pastures and provide for our herd.


As a family farm, we made the decision long ago that we would not be a "factory farm". Instead, we embraced the concepts of natural ranching, providing our cattle, poultry, and swine with the freedom to graze the land. In a nutshell, happy animals in a natural environment create the most nutritious and delicious products available.

The Ofte family, fourth generation farmers, live and work on the ranch. We personally handle all the daily chores, from moving the cattle to new pastures, gathering farm fresh eggs, feeding the pigs, and yes, even the less glamorous aspects of ranching and farming. It's our little piece of heaven on earth, and we wouldn't have it any other way.


Grass fed AngusWisconsin's Virgin Driftless Region: Home to Willow Creek Ranch

Willow Creek Ranch is nestled in Wisconsin's Virgin Driftless Region. "Driftless", because this area, unlike any other, was untouched by glaciation. The result is a land that is rich and fertile, renowned for its bluffs and coulees, its rivers, and creeks, its glacier-fed springs, and is virtually the same as it was millennia ago. Here the grass is a rich, natural green, full of the nutrients that nourish our livestock. Our farm is blessed with seven springs that provide our animals and ouselves with water naturally filtered through hundreds of feet of limestone.

Here at Willow Creek Ranch, we nourish ourselves and our livestock with what nature provides, and what is naturally the best that the earth has to offer.


What is ours, is yours.

Enjoy the benefits of what Willow Creek Ranch has to offer
We think that anyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of what we, and the earth, have created here at Willow Creek Ranch.

Grass Fed Beef

If you are interested in food that comes from a farm you can trust.....

If you want the most nutritious "farm to table" products for your family....

If you know, as we do, that family farms are the better and more humane choice than factory farms.....

....we invite you to partake in the Willow Creek Ranch experience, whether it be at your kitchen table, or in person here at the ranch.


Grass-fed, natural products are yours to enjoy from Willow Creek Ranch
From farm fresh eggs to grass fed beef, from free range pork to poultry products that are indescribably delicious, we invite you to sample our products, and enjoy the benefits of our family farm here at Willow Creek Ranch, in the heart of the 7 Rivers Coulee Region.



Eco-Vacation Plans?

Consider visiting with us at Willow Creek Ranch. Bring the family for a true farm experience. From gathering eggs for breakfast, to herding cattle and feeding our pigs (and yes, you get to work some of the crummy stuff, too), from fishing for rainbow trout to watching wild turkey and deer, we have the lodging and the vacation experience that will make memories that last a lifetime.



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Some Thoughts From People Just Like You:

“Just wanted to send you a note from a very happy customer(s) family. I baked one of our hams tonight for dinner (w/baked  potatoes and baked beans). Everyone loved the ham. My wife and daughter both commented that they don't usually like ham, but this one was great. Not so salt and watery, my wife commented. I think the simple organic processing and good local  farm raised fresh air hog makes all the difference.

Thanks for being one of our farmers.”

Craig R. - La Crosse, WI

“After trying Willow Creek Ranch Beef, we couldn’t even think of buying beef from a store again!”

Patrick L. - Milwaukee, WI

“Tasting the Willow Creek Ranch farm direct beef for the first time was an amazing was like.. Wow, this is what REAL beef tastes like!  Until then, I thought all meat was the same.”

Jenny O. - La Crosse, WI

“To be able to get such a great tasting product, AND save money… I thought it was too good to be true.  Farm direct beef is by far the best value for money available.”

Erin L. - Naperville, IL

“It is such an awesome experience to be able to visit and stay on the farm where our food was raised.   It is also encouraging that there are still people left that raise food the natural way.”

Ed R. - La Crescent, MN

“Not only does the beef taste awesome, we were able to get pork and eggs too!”

John G. - Madison, WI

“We save money by buying farm direct, and we do our part to support the environment through support of no till organic farming.    Everything is kept local so we support our community, too.  Everyone wins.”

Lynn T. - West Salem, WI

Where Do You Want Your Family's Food
To Come From?

A Factory Farm?.......

Factory Cow

- Factory farm cow wading through manure field

Factory Cattle Farm
- Over 75% of America's cattle have no access to any pasture whatsoever, for their entire lifespan


. . . .Or A Humane, Natural, Grass-Fed Farm like Willow Creek Ranch?

Grass Fed Cattle At Willow Creek Ranch

- Rod Ofte and and friends at Willow Creek Ranch